Walnut Bedside Tables

  • CAD drawing of the project.
  • Carcass construction (sides and top removed for clarity).
  • The back and sides will be made from 1/4" walnut ply.
  • The drawer runners are centered and will have dovetailed tops attached.  They will be half lapped onto the front rails and mortise and tenoned in the back.
  • A board in the back will receive the drawer runners that runs vertical.  This will be glued and screwed to the top and bottom rails. 
  • For added strength the vertical board will be lapped around the top and bottom rails by 1/4".
  • Note: The drawer dividers are supposed to be flush with the front legs (need to adjust CAD drawing).
  • 2/16/08 Purchased all the lumber for both tables.  I will give the lumber one week to acclimate to the shop and next weekend I will start woodworking.
  • 2/24/08 Finished milling most of the lumber for both bedside tables (with the exception for the top and drawers and runners).  Next I need to groove for the plywood sides, and mortise for the loose tenon joinery.
  • The curves on the lower rails were cut using a template at the router table.  (See the process here)
  • 2/28/08  Dry fit of carcass.  Next I need to cut out the side and back panels.
  • 3/02/08  Finished the glue-up of both carcasses.  Next I need to work on the top and the drawers and runners.
  • 3/16/08  Finished with the drawers and runners for both tables.  Next I need to stain the drawers to bring out the tiger stripes and make the tops!  (note: the tables have one coat of tung oil finish on them.)
  • Applied a dye (TransFast) to lightly stain the drawer fronts to bring out the figure in the curly maple.
  • So far I have applied 3-coats of "Tung Oil Finish" (Minwax).
  • To the bottom of the drawers I attached a guide that was slotted with a dovetail bit.
  • It is attached to the back with a screw and inserted into a mortise in the front (guide was half-lapped and inserted into a  mortise).
  • This picture really shows off the beauty of the tiger maple.  You can see why it is also called 'quilted maple'.
  • A dovetailed guide rides in the dovetailed slots on the bottom of the drawers.
  • All of the drawers were assembled (at the front) with half blind dovetails.
  • Tails were set up with a 'Big-Small-Big' layout.
  • Close-up of the dovetailed drawer guide.
  • 3/21/08  Finished!  Still might apply one more coat of Tung Oil finish to the tops.
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